Earn Cash Rewards & Gift Cards for Completing Online Surveys

We pay cash rewards and gift cards to our members for completing online polls and market research surveys.

Simple, Transparent Rewards.

Our rewards system is simple, transparent and fair. Rewards are accumulated by our members each time they take a survey. Every survey invitation clearly sets out how long the survey should take to complete, and the reward you would receive if you complete it.

Claim Your Rewards as Cash or Gift Voucher

Our rewards system is designed to offer members a wide choice of payout. Take cash via Pay Pal or claim e-gift vouchers via Amazon or GCodes.

— PayPal

Using PayPal to claim your rewards

You will need a PayPal account to draw down your cash rewards, which can be used either in your PayPal account or transferred to a bank account or Visa/Master card.


Please note that PayPal charge a 2% handling fee for transferring money to your PayPal account.

Make sure your PayPal account is registered with the same email address you use with Opini.

— Amazon Gift Certificates

Using Amazon Giftcards

Amazon Gift Certificates may be redeemed on the Amazon website towards the purchase of eligible products listed on the website.


Your Amazon Gift Certificate claim code will be sent directly to your email address normally within four weeks.

Amazon Gift Certificates are not available in all of the 14 country panels of Opini.


Using GCodes to claim your rewards

GCodes virtual gift codes are redeemable for thousands of rewards including merchandise, gift cards, digital magazines and books, travel, event tickets, mobile top-up and more!


Your GCodes virtual gift code will be sent directly to your email address, normally within 1 to 4 business days.

Visit app.g.codes and create an account to learn more.

GCodes are not available in all opini country panels.

Our Mission

Offer our members free access to paid market research surveys.

Our Values

Treat our members with fairness and respect.

Our Rewards

Cash rewards and gift card vouchers.

Our Survey Rewards Promise: Get Paid for the Time to Take Surveys

We have a fair rewards system based on the time to complete surveys.

Rewards for our members is based on the amount of time it takes to complete a survey. The time and rewards paid for each survey opportunity is clearly displayed on survey invitations and notifications, so members know what rewards they will receive for completing a survey.

Time Rewards System
From (minutes)To (minutes)Reward $

Paid Survey Rewards Payouts and Minimum Balances

Members need to reach a minimum balance before rewards can be claimed.

Minimum balances required for drawing down rewards varies between countries and reward types. For example, in the UK, a minimum balance of £8 is needed for PayPal payouts and £10 for Amazon giftcards.

Minimum Balances
CountryTypical rewards range per surveyMinimum (cash out) balance
Stacks Image 1758
UK0.16 - 2.80 GBP£8 (PayPal) £10 Amazon
Stacks Image 1775
USA0.25 - 5 USD12.50 USD (PayPal) 10 USD (Amazon)
Stacks Image 1783
Canada0.13 - 3.25 USD12.50 USD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1787
Australia0.34 - 5.95 AUD17 AUD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1793
New Zealand0.30 - 5.25 NZD12.50 NZD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1797
Hong Kong2 - 35 HKD100 HKD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1801
India0.13 - 3.25 USD12.50 USD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1805
Malaysia0.25 - 4.38 USD12.50 USD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1809
Singapore0.32 - 5.60 SGD16 SGD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1821
Phillipines3.50 - 91 PHP350 PHP (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1825
Thailand0.13 - 3.25 USD12.50 USD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1829
Vietnam0.13 - 3.25 USD12.50 USD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1833
Indonesia0.13 - 3.25 USD12.50 USD (PayPal)
Stacks Image 1839
South Africa0.16 - 2.80 GBP£8 GBP (PayPal)
Download the OpinionAPP

Use our free survey app to complete your profile, check your account and look for surveys to earn rewards.

Do I need to set up a PayPal account?

Yes, if you want to recieve cash rewards.

Is there a mobile app to manage my Account?

Yes, it's called OpinionApp. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

Do you offer any other rewards?

Yes in some countries we offer Amazon vouchers and GCode vouchers.

How do I check my rewards?

Log into your account here, or in the OpinionApp.

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