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New Joiners Tips.

  • 1) Look out for your welcome email and validate your membership

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    After you have registered you will receive a welcome email. You will need to validate your membership by clicking on the email link. You will not be recognised as an active member until you have validated your membership.

    If you don't receive the welcome email within a few minutes please check your spam folder.

  • 2) Make sure survey invites are not blocked as spam

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    We recommend you add opini surveys email to your address book / add to safe senders list. See advice below (add opini email to your address book & add opini to safe senders list)

  • > Add Opini email to your address book

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    It is recommended that you add the opini email address to your address book to reduce the chances of survey invitations being caught in spam filters. Add to your address book.

  • > Add Opini to your Safe Senders List / White List Email

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    Even if you have added the opini email address to your address book, survey invites can still be trapped as spam. We also recommend you add our address to the safe senders list in your email client.
    Setting up Safe Domains in Outlook
    1. Select email and junk tab
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    2. Add to Safe Domains
    Enter the domain name...
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  • > Add Opini to your VIP Emails (Apple Mail/ IOS Users)

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    If you use Apple Mail and/or apple devices, you should be able to add Opini to your list of VIP Emails. When you receive a survey invitation from Opini you can add it to your VIP settings.
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    Right click the email address ( and select "Add to VIPs"
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  • 3) Update your Profile in your Account

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    We recommend you complete your profile because it increases your chances of being sent relevant survey invitations. You don't need to complete the profile in one sitting - you can login to your account and update it over several sessions if you prefer.

    1) Login to your account (click on Sign in and select relevant country)
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    2) Enter email address and password
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    3) Once logged in, Click on the "Your Profile" button to update your profile
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    4) Look for the "Further Profiling" Table Column on the right hand side
    Update your profile information for any subject area by clicking on the relevant tab. The current level of profile completeness is shown as a percentage.
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    Answer one question at a time and click on the Next Question button to advance or click on Return to Profile when you have finished updating.
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  • 4) Make sure your Pay Pal Account is set up

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    You need to have a Pay Pal account to claim any rewards you earn with Opini. Please refer to the Pay Pal website in the country you live for more details. Please ensure that you add the email address you have used to register with Opini on to your Pay Pal account.
  • 5) How do I check/Claim my Rewards?

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    1) Login and click on Your Profile button
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    2) Find the Redeem Rewards button, which is located at the bottom of Your Profile column
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    If you can't see it, scroll down the column. Then click on the Redeem Rewards button.
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    3) Review your balance
    Your current balance is shown along with a record of recent surveys completed and the reward payout. You need to have accumulated the minimum balance for payouts (for Opini UK it is £8). If you have not hit the target you will need to complete more surveys to earn more rewards before you can claim the rewards.
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    4) Withdraw Rewards to Pay Pal Account