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Welcome to Opini Community.

The Opini Community is for members to engage in conversations about ideas and current topics of debate.

FAQS. Opini Community

  • Can anyone join?

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    Yes, anyone can be a member of the Opini Community. You don't need to be a member of Opini Surveys either, although most are.

  • Do I have to register?

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    If you want to take part in discussions and post new discussions, then you will need to register for the Opini Community. This is separate from the Opini Account you set up to register for Opini survey opportunities.

  • Do I get paid to take part in discussions in the Opini Community?

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    No. We pay our members to complete surveys via Opini Surveys but all discussions in the Community are voluntary and do not pay financial rewards. Its a community for our members to view their opinions within a safe online forum setting.

  • How do I register?

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    If you start or respond to a post, you will be prompted to register or login. A pop up box will appear. Type in a username, password and email address. Please make a note of your login details. Remember, the login details for Opini Community (provided via muut) are separate from the logins you use for your Opini Surveys Account.

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  • Who are muut?

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    muut is a software platform for online forums and communities.

  • How do I post a discussion?

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    Click on All Posts or a specific Channel. A channel is the name given for various forum discussion groups (e.g. Music, UK News, etc). Click and enter a post title, and enter the post text in the box underneath. That's it!

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  • Can i delete a post?

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    If you delete a post within 2.7 minutes you can. After that only forum administrators can delete a post.

  • What should I do if i see an inappropriate post?

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    Please contact Opini Support. Provide the details and ideally a screenshot of the post.

  • Is the Community the place to post support issues?

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    No. If you have a technical or other issue to do with your Account for Opini Surveys, please look in the support area or send a support ticket. The community area is your forum for discussion and debate, not technical issues.