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Welcome to Opini, the online research community for people who want to get paid to take surveys online. If you like doing surveys, why not join opini for paid online surveys? We offer paid online surveys to our members to answer legitimate online market research surveys. We don't give vouchers, we pay money for completing surveys.
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Get Paid for Surveys UK

Opini Surveys is free to join and once you become a member, you will be invited to take part in a range of paid online surveys either to match your interests, or because you fit the demographic profile of the survey.

If you like taking online surveys, or enjoy offering your views about brands, products and services, why not join Opini and get paid to take online surveys. We pay our members for all surveys they complete in cash and some surveys even include extra rewards and prizes.

Get Paid for Surveys in Asia Pacific

Get paid for surveys in the UK or join one of our paid survey panels where you live in Asia Pacific.

Paid Online Surveys

Opini operates survey communities in the UK and across Asia Pacific. Joining one of our panels is an easy way to get paid surveys at home. Get paid for surveys UK if you are resident in the UK, or join one of our paid survey panels across Asia Pacific including in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia.
Every week Opini Surveys undertakes surveys for leading brands
Getting paid to do surveys couldn't be easier with opini. Why not get paid for your opinion? We conduct surveys for major brands, as well as opinion polls, social surveys and more.
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3. Receive survey invitations by Email or search available surveys in your Account
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Need to Commision a Survey? If you are a business needing to conduct a survey, please contact our parent company, Asia Opinions>
Opini Surveys - Get Paid for Surveys
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Opini Surveys is owned and operated by Asia Opinions Ltd. Opini operates in 12 countries including the UK, and Asia Pacific.

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